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Welcome to University of Khartoum (UofK) digital repository! Access UofK intellectual output here. Khartoum Space is a platform that enables our community members to organize and preserve their research online as well as it gives our visitors, researchers and the academia at large a better access to research conducted at UofK. Khartoum Space is the result of the pilot project OASCIR (documentation of this project can be found at

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  • Ahmed, Fawzi Ali Mohamed; Salih, Reem Rabie Mohammed (University of Khartoum, )
    Mastitis is an inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue which is commonly caused by the microbial infection. Bovine mastitis is one of the devastating diseases causing huge loss to the dairy industry worldwide. The present ...
  • Ahmed, A/ Basit Osman; Salih, Reem Rabie Mohammed (University of Khartoum, )
    This study was conducted in Khartoum state, Sudan, between 2006- 2008. Hundered milk samples were collected from cows with clinical mastitis. The percentage of acute mastitis 55% acute mastitis, 44% chronic mastitis and ...
  • Salih, Reem Rabie Mohammed; Ahmed, A/ Basit Osman (University of Khartoum, )
    This study was carried out to evaluate the role of management system as a method for control of mastitis in cattle dairy farms in Khartoum state. The study based on information obtained from interviews and observation. ...
  • Ahmed, Fawzi Ali Mohamed; Salih, Reem Rabie Mohammed (University of Khartoum, )
    The present study has been conducted to observe some behavioral traits of ostrich under captive conditions. The observations have been carried during the period 14 June to 24 June, 2005, for 8 equal time period, extending ...
  • Ahmed, Fawzi Ali Mohamed; Yousif, Ramzi A.; Salih, Reem Rabie Mohammed; Abdelwahab, Sk (University of Khartoum, )
    Eighty fresh samples of Oreochromis niloticus of family Cichildae were collected from Jable Aulia dam – Al shagara farm, University farm – Wad Al Mamon farm, (40 from the Nile and 40 from the farms), during the period ...

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