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  • Ibrahim, A. S.; Habbani, F. I. (2013-09-03)
    Since black carbon (BC) contributes directly and indirectly to the Earth’s radiation balance change and to adverse health effects, it is of interest not only for climate research, but also for urban and regional air quality ...
  • Habbani, F. I.; Suliman, I. I. (Sudan Journal of Basic Sciences, 2015-12-20)
    The study was performed to compare two methods used for effective dose (ED) calculations in diagnostic radiology and to evaluate the ED distribution in radiological departments in four major hospitals in Khartoum, Sudan. ...
  • Ahmed, Nada A.; Ibraheem, S. B.; Habbani, F. I. (University of Khartoum, 2015-12-20)
    Radiation doses delivered to 461 patients were measured during the period of 12 months in a hospital in Khartoum, Sudan. Kerma Area Product, Cumulative Kerma and fluoroscopy time were registered during four selected ...


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