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    دراسة و مقارنة الخصائص الفيزيائية و الكيميائية لجلود بعض سلالات الضأن السودانية
    (University of Khartoum, 2016) حمدان, احمد محمد التوم ; الأمين, شذى محمد ; السماني, لبابة الأمين
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    تأثير مصدراللحم المثروم على الجودة و النوعية
    (University of Khartoum, 2016) ابراهيم, رؤى اسماعيل
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    اضافة بذور و أمبازالسمسم الأحمر على خصائص جودة البيرقر
    (University of Khartoum, 2016) الامين, رزان محمد ; ادريس, سارة حسن ; فضل الله, مصطفى
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    Marketing of Fresh Meat in Khartoum state-Sudan
    (University of Khartoum, 2016) Ahmed, Hussam aldeen Mohamed ; Mohamed, Hadeel elfateh ; Said, Roaa salama
    This research aims to focus the light on the marketing of fresh meat sector in Khartoum state in order to detect flaws in the marketing chain. A scientifically structured questionnaire was prepared according to the pre-survey, which had conducted in the state. A 60 questionnaire had distributed in (Khartoum north _ bahri _ Omdurman) from April to June 2016 .data had analyzed by Excel program and the result were:  Most of the fresh meat sellers using the promotion in limited extent confined to traditional advertising through signboard and microphone and packing bags.  The sellers pricing according to market uncontrolled price what leads to rising at meat prices in non-justified way.  Some outlets qualified in an appropriate way to maintain the safety of meat, such as supermarkets and modern butchers that have recently become widespread, and some like the butchers and tables of selling meat in popular markets. Was inconsistent with the public health conditions  Obviously, the defect position in the chain of meat marketing focused on a slice of intermediaries who are playing the prices according to their personal interests, what reflected clearly on the market price affecting the wholesalers and retailers, and the distribution outlets reaching impact ultimately at the consumer.  Obviously, opening the investment in the meat sector led to paradigm shift in this sector what reflected positively on the consumer awareness and taste. On the other side, the popular markets continue to suffer from irregularity in the sale and show, in the light of the lack of control. The study had concluded with a number of recommendations that include:  Focus on the flaws by government agencies and work to resolve the issues that lead to fluctuation, what guarantee the rights of the consumer and the seller.  More control and observation by government on this sector include the sellers and pricing methods, as well as the health aspects of outlets selling fresh meat in Khartoum state.  Further studies on this sector broadly include the production areas to gain access to the problems facing this sector from production down to marketing stage.  Implementation of marketing research that looking and identifies the problems of this sector to reach radical solutions lead to best.