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    إقتصاديات إنتاج السمسم في السودان
    (University of Khartoum, 2016-11) علي, مزدلفة علي رابح ; الطيب, حذيفة حيدر العبيد ; محي الدين, ولاء ابوالقاسم
    أجريت هذه الدراسة بغرض تحديد إقتصاديات إنتاج السمسم . جمعت المعلومات حول المساحات المزروعة والمحصودة والإنتاج والإنتاجية للقطاعين المطري التقليدي وشبه الألي بالسودان . توصلنا إلى أن القطاع شبه الآلي أفضل بكثير من القطاع التقليدي من حيث الإنتاج والإنتاجية والعائد بالنسبة للمزارع . أوصت الدراسة إلي توفير الآليات اللازمة للعمليات الزراعية المختلفة و تطوير وتفعيل دور الإرشاد الزراعي لرفع قدرات المزارع وتوعيته ليصبح قادرا على تطبيق كل الحزم التقنية التي تساهم في رفع الإنتاجية وتقليل التكلفة .
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    Comparison between Closed Pipes and Open Irrigation Channels
    (University of Khartoum, 2016-11) Kassir, Duaa Ahmed Elbadawi ; Hussein, Islam Omer ; Mohammed, Suhair Alniel
    The objective of this study is to compare between total cost for open canals irrigation system and closed pipes system for irrigating Gunied sugar scheme having an area of 42,000 Feddan. The study revealed that the construction cost for open canals system is 35960306 SDG, and iys operating cost for one year is 2096089 SDG. While the construction cost for closed pipes is 152702627 SDG and its operating cost for one year is 978987.84 SDG.
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    تصميم وتصنيع وحدة تنقية الماء بالتقطير بالطاقة الشمسية
    (University of Khartoum, 2016-11) الطيب, مصطفى بانقا عبدالباقي ; شاطر, مصطفى عبدالحليم شيخ محمد ; احمد, أحمد محمد القاسم ; البشير, محمد بدر الدين خالد
    The project is for the design, manufacture and testing of the device purification of water by distillation using solar energy and so solve the problem of water pollution, which is a major concern, particularly in agricultural areas where irrigation canals, which represents the main source of water in those areas exposed to direct contamination which makes it to be the cause of exposed pathogenesis of many diseases to humans has been compared to both the methods used in water treatment has saved us to choose how normal distillation depending on the ease of implementation and high efficiency in the purification and material costs moderate compared to other ways to solve the energy problem and to work on making it available for remote areas which suffer from lack of energy sources _ Especially electricity _ has been solar choosing to be a source of energy that will depend on the device in his work because solar energy is an ideal source of energy so as to provide as renewable energy and environmentally friendly and available in all areas, especially in remote areas settings lacking the electric power supply lines.
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    Prediction of the Probability of Good Working Days for Agricultural Operations in Sinnar and Qadarif States
    (University of Khartoum, 2016-11) Homeida, Azza Majdi Alsir ; Khair, Israa Zain Alabdeen Ali Mohamed ; Mohamed, Mohamed Elhadi Ibrahim
    This study was carried out aiming at the determination of good working days for agricultural operations (primary tillage, secondary tillage and planting) in Sinnar and Qadarif states for planting sorghum. Actual data of rainfall was taken from metrological authority for the two states for thirty years (1978-2007). A day with rainfall greater than 10mm is considered as not a good working day for the three operations. The probability of a good working day is calculated as: , where (x) is the number of days having rainfall greater 10mm for the period from 1st of May to 30th of November for thirty years. Using the moldboard plow for primary tillage, tandem disc harrow for secondary tillage, and row crop planter for planting, field capacity for each implement is calculated for a farm of 1000 feddan (or 420 hectares).With reference to the recommended time of operations from 1st to 15th of July for primary tillage, from 10th to 20th of July for secondary tillage and from 20th to 31st of July for planting, field capacities are 1.925, 2.066ha/hr for primary tillage, 2.687, 3.005ha/hr for secondary tillage and 2.492, 2.753ha/hr for planting for Sinnar and Qadarif states respectively. Taking the practical widths for each implement moldboard 0.7m, tandem disc harrow 6 m and row crop planter 4 m, the number of implements required are 5 moldboard plows, 1 tandem disc harrow and 2 row crop planters. Comparing these results with the results calculated using the model developed by (Omer M.E.Elshami and FawziH.E.Masoud, 2005) in which they used the soil moisture content parameters; the results are nearly similar with a difference of 1 working day. The results of this study can be used by farmers in scheduling their agricultural operations and selecting optimum sizes of machines.
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    Biogas Production from Cheese Whey
    (University of Khartoum, 2016-11) Khairy, Manahel Najeldeeen ; Elshiekh, Niema babiker
    Whey wastes produced are most of the time more than the cheese produced and most of the factories remove it without make use of it . Whey wastes are used to produce biogas by designing a digester to help in fermentation . 10 liters of whey used at the experiment to equalize (balance) the whey pH (4.3). Two different samples of whey (sample volume 4 liters) were used for the experiment using a special designed digester . Whey pH was measured by pH motor (4.3) and (5) for the samples and balanced by adding NaOH for the 4.3 sample twice and NH3 kits the 5 sample. The pH and temperature were measured for a whole week . The results for the gas produced for the two different samples were 40 ml and 1130 ml and temperature affected the final results for the different samples.