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    Direct Micro propagation of Acacia senegal (L) willd (Hashab) by Tissue Culture
    (UOFK, 2015-06-23) Khalid Hamza, Ibrahim ; Isam El Din Ibrahim Warag ; Silviculture
    Acacia senegal (L) willd. (Hashab) an important tree species regenerates naturally by seeds. Vegetative propagation by stem cuttings was reported to have many problems. The aim of this study is to develop a direct micro propagation technique for the species. Nodal explants were obtained from in-vitro raised seedlings were used for hormonal and media tests. The tested growth regulators: kinetin (cytokinin) single or in combination with IBA (auxin) and BA (cytokinin) single or in combination with the NAA (auxin). Rooting was tested with the IBA and NAA. The results showed that 1/2 MS as a suitable basal salt with the following components in (mg/l): sucrose, 20000; l-insitol 100; thiamine-HCL, 10 ml silver nitrate, 10; adenine sulfate, 60; activated charcoal, 2000. Shoot multiplication is recommended on the above basal medium supplemented with the cytokine (kinetin at 2.0 mg/l or BA at 3.0 mg/l) singly or in combination with the auxins IBA (0.2 mg/l) or NAA (0.3 mg/l). Rooting occurs on 1/2 MS basal salts supplemented with 2.0 mg/l of auxin IBA or NAA with reduced sucrose concentration to 1 % (w/v)) more than 6 shoots per nodal segment could be produced every 4-6 weeks. Rooting of shoots transferred to soil can reach 90%.