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    (University of Khartoum, ) Abdelrahman, Safia Mubarak ; Bachir Mohamed Adam ; Département de français
    The study aimed to identify the difficulties that face the students of French language as a foreign language in the department of French language at faculty of education in university of Khartoum in past tenses (past perfect continuous, past continuous, past perfect and past simple). To achieve the objectives of study, the researcher used the descriptive analytical methodology and the semi-experimental methodology. Data were collected using questionnaires and tests. The study population involved 133 male and female students of the department of French language at faculty of education in university of Khartoum. The researcher selected 25 male and female students from the fourth and the fifth levels to represent the stratified random sample of the study. She also selected 25 instructors who teach French language at the Sudanese Universities. The data were manually analyzed. The study findings showed that teaching and learning French language grammar is fundamental, however, it involves difficulties. Concerning past tenses, the test findings revealed that the students of French language face difficulties in this part. The difficulties are in confusing the past perfect continuous and the past continuous. They also face many difficulties with understanding the functions of the past perfect. In addition, they have no any knowledge about the simple past. On the other hand, choosing the right auxiliary verb, the form of the main verb and its matching for the subject and object represent other difficulties in compound tenses. The study also showed that the traditional curriculum used in teaching and the interference of the students’ mother tongue had big role in those difficulties. In the light of the findings, the study recommended using curriculum that matches the students’ needs, whether direct or indirect, using texts to teach past tenses, applying the syntactic rules taught to a number of different activities, and students need to make continual drills.