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    Use of the University of Khartoum Institutional Repository by Graduate Students
    (University of Khartoum, 2017) Omer Hassan Abdelrahman
    This paper attempted to investigate the use of the University of Khartoum Institutional Repository (Khartoumspace) by graduate students and to explore their attitudes towards the repository and its contents. The study adopted a descriptive survey approach. A questionnaire was used to collect data from 150 students who formed the study sample from a study population of about 1800 graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines at the University. Data collected was analysed in simple statistics and presented in tables consisting of frequencies and percentages. The study revealed that electronic theses and dissertations and eBooks are the most frequently used items of the repository’s collection. The study also showed that there is low usage rate of the repository by the respondents but they have positive attitudes towards the repository, and that the majority of the respondents learnt about the existence of the repository from a colleague rather than from a librarian. The findings indicated that, in order to enhance the usage of the repository by graduate students,there is a need for more awareness raising and advocacy programmes to be carried out by the library about the repository and its benefits to the academic community of the university.
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    The Current Situation of English Language at University of Khartoum: Problems and Solutions
    (University of Khartoum, 2012) Hala S. Mohammed Nur ; Abuelgasim Sabah Elsaid
    The need for English language in Sudan is increasing rapidly for a variety of reasons, despite the fact that there is a severe decline of the students' standards of English. This study tries to locate the problems that confront the learning and teaching of English language at University of Khartoum A questionnaire was distributed to 303 second year students at the university to investigate the problems that face them in learning English language. Results show that the problems related to the students themselves, the syllabus, the learning environment, and relatively to the teachers. Some recommendations were given to solve these problems.
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    Performance of Sudanese Agricultural Exports: A Gravity Model Analysis
    (University of Khartoum, 2015) Ebaidalla. M. Ebaidalla ; Atif A. Abdalla
    This paper aims at identifying the determinants of Sudanese agricultural exports using a gravity model for for a sample of 31 trading partners, over the period 1995-2011. In addition, the paper investigates whether there is unexploited trade potential between Sudan and its trading partners within this sector. The empirical results show that importer’s GDP and population size exert positive and significant impact on agricultural exports. The results also point out that both domestic and trading partner’s infrastructure play positive and significant role in enhancing exports performance. The impact of geographical distance is found to be negative and significant on exports as expected. Moreover, the results reveal that Arabic speaking countries and COMESA members have strong tendency to receive agricultural exports from Sudan. Furthermore, the analysis shows that export potential exists with a number of trading partners such as Oman, Spain, Poland, Singapore and Japan. Finally, the paper ends with some policy recommendations aiming at guiding effective strategy to improve the perfromance of Sudanese agricultural exports.
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    Investigation Of Dineserv Dimensions On Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty : EVIDENCES FROM THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY IN SUDAN
    (University of Khartoum, 2016) Dalia M. E. Diab ; Hesham E. Mohammed ; Elham Hassam Mansour ; Osman Saad
    This study attempts to identify the underlying key dimensions of service quality and its impact on consumers‟ satisfaction and loyalty within the restaurant context in Sudan using DINESERV model. The study is quantitative and descriptive in nature. Data was collected through self-administered questionnaires from 4 restaurants. Based on the analyses, four factors, Assurance, Empathy, Tangibility and Reliability are the most significant dimensions have positive influence on customer satisfaction while Assurance and Empathy, Tangibility are the most significant dimensions that have positive influence on customer loyalty. The results also confirmed the links between service quality dimensions, satisfaction and loyalty respectively. The findings of study could be employed by the restaurant managers to improve their marketing strategies.
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    (الآثار العثمانية في السودان (من القرن السادس عشر الميلادي وحتي القرن التاسع عشر الميلادي
    (سنار عاصمة الثقافة الاسلامية, 2017) عبدالرحمن ابراهيم سعيد علي
    كانت الدوافع في شروعي العداد هذا الكتاب االحساس باهمية تلك الفترة ، والتي في ظني انها تحتاج لمزيد من البحث والتقصي ، فنبعت فكرة تحويل دراستي من رسالة ماجستير الي كتاب ، حتي الفت انتباه ونظر الباحثين والمهتمين بالتراث بالبحث والغوص في غياهب الفترة العثمانية ، والتي احسب انها وجدت كثير من االهمال والنسيان بل وحتي الضياع ، ذلك مرده علو وطغيان مكانة دولة الفونج االسالمية ، والتي كانت مسيطرة علي اجزاء واسعة من السودان ، وبالتالي اثرت علي فكر وعقول مؤرخي تلك الفترة )القرن السادس عشر وحتي التاسع عشر الميالديين(. محفز ثاني دعم بروفيسور علي عثمان محمد صالح هذه الفكرة وتشجيعها ، بل وموافقته الرأي باهمية هذه الفترة ودورها في تشكيل المجتمع السوداني المعاصر. وكما ذكرت انفا بان هذا البحث كان جزء من رسالتي للماجستير تقدمت بها الي قسم االثار – كلية االداب – جامعة الخرطوم وكانت بروفيسور انتصار صغيرون الزين هي المشرفة علي تلكم الرسالة ، وهذا ما زاد من ثقتي في كتابة تلك المادة )الكتاب(. لعلماء اآلثار بعد المسوحات الضخمة وكما هو معلوم فقد أصبح السودان كتابا مفتوحاً التي تبعت تعلية خزان أسوان األولى ومن بعدها إنشاء السد العالي. وبالرغم من أن هذه األبحاث الكثيرة قد هدفت بصورة خاصة لمعرفة التاريخ الثقافي لمنطقة النوبة السفلي إال أن هنالك إهمال واضح من قبل الباحثين لبعض الفترات خاصة الفترة الممتدة من 3544-3844م إال أنها لفتت األنظار إلى منطقة النوبة العليا وما تحتويه من آثار.