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    الفـكـر الـتربوي للشيـخ قريـب الله بن أبـي صالح وآثـاره الـتربوية والاجـتماعية على المجـتمع السوداني
    (University of Khartoum, 2018-10) ., رابعة بابكر آدم منوفل
    This study aims at identifying the nature of the educational thought of Al-sheikh Gareeballa through knowing his religious, political, social and educational roles. It also aimed at revealing the most prominent activities in his “Maseed” in Wad-nubawi area and the influences of his educational methods on the Sudanese community.The study adopted the historical and analytical methodology, whereby the direct literature about his life and educational thought were collected from his writings.The interview was used as one of the tools for the study. The study came out with many findings, the most important are: Al-sheikh Kareeballa had established a mystic educational thought in the Sudanese community. He also had a visible role in the field of education and calling for knowing Allah the greaf. In addition, he had many activities and educational and social influences which are still there in his “Maseed” in Wad nubawi. He used the same method adopted in the Sudanese “Khalawa”. He also had his own methodologies in education, which are represented in the Holly Quran, the prophet Suna- the sayings and doings of the prophet Mohammed peace upon him”, in addition to being committed to the daily special style of praying “Auwrad” an invoking concerned with this religious party. The study was concluded with many recommendations, the most important are: It is necessary to pay attention to studying mystic’s parties and their influences and revealing the role of Sudanese scholars in religious and societal activities in the Sudanese community. The study suggested conducting future studies related to the study topic.
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    برنامج مقترح لتطوير أدوار مديري المدارس الثانوية في ضوء نظرية الإدارة كوظائف ومكونات بولاية الخرطوم
    (University of Khartoum, ) ., الزين الخليفة الخضر الخليفة ; الرشيد حبوب محمد الحسين ; قسم أصول التربية
    The study aimed at identifying the roles of secondary schools’ principals at Khartoum public schools toward their basic tasks fulfilling, that is (planning, organizing, directing and controlling). It also aimed at knowing how caring those principals take towards work and workers. Another aim of this study was to develop a suggested developmental program, all of which under the theory of administration as functions and components. The researcher used the descriptive analytical approach. The population included 3943 male and female teachers and 175 male and female principals working at Khartoum public schools. The researcher selected a simple random sample of 400 male and female teachers, 43 male and female principals. The researcher used two forms of questionnaires, one for the teachers, the second for the principals as primary data collection tools .As for statistical analysis, the researcher used SPSS program. The study came to a number of findings, the most important of which are: A suggested program for developing roles of secondary schools’ principals in Khartoum state was designed. The Practice degree of the schools’ principals for the four functions (planning, organizing, directing and controlling) came to a great extent. the schools’ principals care towards work and workers was balanced. The existence of many technical and administrative problems affected negatively on the performance of school ’principals. In the light of these findings the study came to several recommendations: paying attention to the application of the program and presenting it to schools’ principals. Attention to be payed to effective educational training that enables school principals to perform their duties as required. Attention has to be payed to the feelings of the school staff and to take into account their different needs and requirements as well as to improve the educational and academic work within the school. Administrative and technical problems have to be identified secondary school principals and work to solve them.
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    دور الإعلام التربوي في طرح قضايا الإدارة التعليمية من وجهة نظر الخبراء والإعلاميين التربويين بمنطقة الرياض بالمملكة العربية السعودية
    (University of Khartoum, ) الحربي, عياد صالح عياد الجليدي ; عادل محمد دفع الله أبوادريس ; أُصول التربية والإدارة التربوية
    This study aims at investigating the role of educational media in proposing issues of instructional management in the area of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the viewpoint of experts, and media men educators. In this study, the researcher has used the descriptive method; and the population of study included (300) educational experts and (45) educational media men in the province of Riyadh and then, the researcher randomly selected (45) instructional experts and (20) media experts. The researcher used questionnaire for data collection and then analyzed through the program of statistical packages for social sciences (SPSS) (frequency, percentage, tests) K2). The study has revealed number of important findings such as : educational media has no role in proposing issues of instructional management that are related to planning, development, organization, control, guidance and training from the standpoint of educational experts and media men. The field study has also revealed that, there are no statistically significant differences from the standpoints of educators and media men towards the role of educational media in proposing issues of instructional management. In light of these findings, the researcher recommended with the set of following important recommendations: the role of educational media should be activated in posing issues of instructional management related to planning, development, organization, control, guidance and training. All modern technologically-assisted mediums should be provided to implement the programs of professional development and educational media. Qualification of officials and administrators in educational media for the sake of increasing knowledge and skill in the fields of media and education as well as supporting educational media with qualified cadres and specialists, held periodical meetings with instructional media and educational supervisors. The researcher suggested similar studies to be conducted in other areas in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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    دور الإدارة المدرسية في معالجـة مشاكل الطلاب السلوكية في المدارس الثانوية الحكومية للبنيـن بمحلية بحري
    (جامعة الخرطوم, ) زينب عبدالكريم محمد فضل الله ; الرشيـد الحبوب محمـد الحسيـن ; المناهـج وطرق التدريس
    The main objective of the study in to realize the role of the school management problems among students at government male secondary school in Bahri locality. That is through attempting to answer the main general question of the study: What is the role of school management in treating behavioral problem among students at governmental male secondary school in Bahri locality? The descriptive / analytic method was used and followed in the study. The study population consisted of secondary school teachers in Khartoum state, numbering 600, that is 17% of the population out the study population, a random sample numbering 100 teachers was selected. Questionnaires were concurrently used as tools for obtaining the study required data. Having used the statistical package for social sciences programme (SPSS) the following results ware finally reached: - According to 72% of sample members, school management can have a leading role in offering counseling services at secondary schools as well as diagnosing the Psychological problems the student are faced with. - According to 93% of sample members, school management can update teachers with all means and ways that contribute to decreasing aggressive behavior among student’s through arranging meeting and symposiums to deal with student behavior and conduct. - According to 85% of sample members school management can have a leading role in decreasing aggressive behavior among students though engaging them in appropriate recreational activities and proper guidance. - According to 81% of sample members, the relationship and good contact between parents’ boards and student families can have an effective role in meeting students’ families. In view of the results being reached, it is recommended that: - Educational Psychology should be given more attention and ears in all educational institution. - The ministry of education needs to activate the role of fathers for the sake of behavioral problems modification.
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    An Araisal of the Educational Role
    (University of Khartoum, ) محمد, مالك محجوب ; .