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    Disruptive Behavior in Children living in Special Situation
    (University of Khartoum, ) Diya Eldin Mohammed Elmahi ; Abdallah Abdelrahman ; psychiatry
    The children living in special situation are increasing in number in Sudan and the facilities available for them are not sufficient. Also there are little information about the care centers for children and foster houses in the country. We try to attract attention to some of these centers and to something about their and what they offer the homeless and orphans children. This is a descriptive comparative study. The sample was collected from children in SOS village at Soba area and Amal society houses in Elsahafa area part of Khartoum capital. Compare with children living with their biological parents in Burri area . We aim in this study 1- To estimate prevalence of disruptive behavioral disorders in children and adolescents living in special situation, and those living in normal situation. 2- To compare prevalence of these disorders in both groups 3- To plan for help to the disordered children and those at risk 4- To study causative factors of disorders in both group 5- To advise mental health service planner on the issue We found that children who live in SOS village, in Amal society houses and those who live with biological parents have prevalence of disruptive behavior within the range reported in the general population, but it was almost double in control group than that in SOS or Amal society. The fostered houses are very important in offering home atmosphere for children who lost their parent. Financial and psychological support to the parents will aid psychological integrity of the children.