Factors Affecting LAN Performance

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Mahmoud, Mohamed Elamin
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The aim of this thesis is to give a description for the factors affecting the Local Area Networks performance, and to analyze this effect. In this project attention will be focused on a core set of local area network performance issues. And why such issues are important for inter and intra network communication will be discussed. The discussion of performance makes us aware of many factors which affect the performance of individual networking devices as well as the networks to which they are connected. Factors affecting Ethernet network performance were studied, where the frame rate was determined based on different frame lengths mathematically and by using a BASIC language program and then the information transfer rate was computed. Also factors affecting Token Ring network performance were studied, where a model was developed to represent the flow of data on token ring networks, then the model was exercised both manually as well as through the use of a BASIC language program to determine the frame rate as a function of the number of stations on the network and the ring length as well as several other variables. Finally C-programs were designed to simulate the CSMA/CD and Token-passing networks and gives it's performance measures in terms of delay, utilization and throughput.
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