Socio-Health Impacts of Water Projects Implementation By: Plan –Sudan Organization In ElTawila village, white Nile State

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Idris, Wifag Bushra
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This study highlights the Socio-Health Impacts of the water projects implemented by Plan- Sudan organization in collaboration with ELTawila community in White Nile state, which is going to be measured in two dimensions namely; the socio-economic impacts and the health impacts. There is recognizable degree of instability among the rural people due to shortage of drinking water during summer season. Moreover, the children aged 8-15years particularly girls, are found to be directly responsible for fetching water on behalf of their family that affects their schooling. The data collected using the questionnaire tested and fed to a personal computer using (SPSS) statistical package for social sciences. Descriptive statistics as mean, frequency and cross tabulation used to analyze the data. Frequency distribution and descriptive statistic were calculated. The sample size of these families was 105 respondents. The sample was selected randomly after divided the village to five areas. The finding of this study was found that the water was unclean and untreated, the percentage of water related disease has increased, thus the families expenditure on health services increased. Families’ water consumption rate is significantly increased after the project. The project has positive change on minimizing the expenditure on water and provides the stability of families and children.
Socio-Health ,Impacts , Water Projects ,Implementation,Plan –Sudan ,Organization , ElTawila village