A Study on Catch Assessment in the Northern Part Of Jebel Aulia Reservoir

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Mohamed El Mustafa Abdel Rahman, Bashir
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The study was executed in the northern part of Jebel Aulia reservoir from the dam to Ed Dobasi , during the period ( February 2001 to January 2002) , showed that the fishing pressure at Jebel Aulia is relatively intense given into account that the total annual yield is 115,732 kg anf the maximum sustainable yield is 90706 kg , whereas the fishing pressure at Geteina is on the optimum level as the maximum sustainable yield (MSY) is 1,925,454 kg. And the total annual yield is 1,617,648 kg , and Geteina is more productive than Jebel Aulia. During the study 41 species belonging to 24 genera and 13 families were recorded in Jebel Aulia, whereas in Geteina 37 species belonging to 22 genera and 13 families were recorded. During this study Tilapias represented by Oreochromis niloticus dominated the catch at both sites. Nonetheless it is over fished. During this study, reduction of fish size is conspicuous (0.25 – 0.56 kg). During this study some genera like Protopterus, Tetradon, Mormyrops, Petrocephalus, Chrysichthys and Malapetrus were recorded in few numbers
A Study ,Catch,Assessment , Northern Part,Jebel,Aulia,Reservoir