Development Constraints in the Developing Countries(Sudan): a Case Study

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Yassir AbdelWahied, Hassan
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University of Khartoum
The developing countries suffering great from the developments gap, between them and the developed countries, the continuous variation in the rates of development leads our thought to a certain fact that there are some development constraints has multi-dimensions. The study concerns with explaining the nature of these constraints, in the developing countries. Moreover it concentrates on Sudan as case study. Chapter one contains the introductions and comprehensive background about the topic, then chapter two includes the literature review and the empirical studies in addition to the definitions of development concept and the common characteristic of the developing countries, while in the third chapter we shed the light on the development constraints in Sudan, to determine it’s nature and it’s possible remedies. In Chapter Four the study concerned with the Globalization phenomenon it’s nature, it’s dimensions and it’s effects on the development situation in developing countries, specially on the Sudan. The study suppose there are economical social and political development constraints facing the developing countries moreover it suggests that the economic constraints has the deep effect on the soicocultural development ... also the study suppose that the development constraints are differs between the developing countries, due to their socioeconomic constructions. The study concluded that the international changes factors such as the globalization phenomenon, has deep effects on economical, social and political conditions in developing countries as hall
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Development Constraints , Developing Countries,(Sudan)