urvey and Identification of Fungal Diseases of Import Ant Crops in the White Nile State

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Kashif, Yousif Mustafa Omer Ali
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This research was conducted for detection of the most important fungi that infect important crops in the White Nile state. The study included isolation, identification, and spread of disease in the state as well as preparation of mycological herbarium. The results obtained were as follows: 1- Spread of fusarium wilt of cotton in most surveyed areas in the White Nile 2- Spread of tomato and muskmelon wilt diseased in large areas in the White Nile 3- Appearance of pink root-rot on onion in specific areas north of the state 4- Variation in incidence and distribution of smut diseases on sorghum and green ear on pearl millet in middle and western part of the state 5- Spread of powdery mildew on cucurbits, tomato and the parasitic weed (Rantouk), Xanthium bracillcum. 6- Spread of early blight of tomato in middle and north of the state 7- The following fungi were isolated and identificated:- Fusarium oxysporum. f. sp. vasifectum Fusarium oxysporum. f. sp lycopersici Fusarium oxysporum. f. sp. melonis Sphacelotheca sorghi H ellminthosporum trucricum Sclerospora graminicola Alternaria solani Erysiphe orantii Leveillula taurica Pyrenochaeta terrestn
University of khartoum