Factor Analysis of Tobaco Use among University Student

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Ogail Mohamed, Hassan
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Many young people smoke, and therefore they are risk of developing tobacco use related diseases, those whose who do not smoke suffers from involuntary exposure to tobacco and also developing tobacco caused diseases. This study was conducted to determine the main factors behind tobacco use in Khartoum state among university students from public and private universities. A sample of 250 students had been taken for this study, 125 students from juba university and 125 students from the Academy of medical Science and Technology. In this study factor Analysis was carried out to determine the main factors behind smoking habits. The results reveal that they are seven main factors determining the smoking habit among students. Which explain 60% from the total variation. These factors are Advertisement. Income effect, Health hazard, imitation Good looking which explained 6.6 % from the total variation, Quit smoking and feeling. Other findings of this study are the fact that the postponement of a health awareness Play critical role in entering the smoking world. Also one of the findings of this study is fact that the smokers uncomfortable about smoking and they think about quitting
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Factor Analysis , Tobaco Use,University Student