Factors Affecting Onion Production and Productivity in Kassala Area

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El Amin, Sumaya Mohammed Mustafa
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This study was conducted at Kassala area in 1995. The average onion yield varies, among the farmers in the area. This variation was hypothesized to affect the farmers attention to grow onion rather than their income. This study aimed to present and analyse the factors contributing to onion yield variation as well as investigating the economies of onion production in Kassala area. Data were collected from a selected sample of 100 onion farmers in season 1995/96, using a stratified random sampling technique. The primary data were supplemented by secondary data from relevant sources. The data was subjective to descriptive statistical analysis and regression analysis to determine the significant variables affecting yield. The results indicate that, seed rate, fertilizer quantity and harvesting time significantly affect onion yield. On the other hand sowing date, number of irrigations and their interval, weeding, total cost of production, incidence of pests and diseases, distance between home and farm, farmer age and educational level are insignificant determinants of yield. Cost of production of one feddan was found to be comparatively high and gross return did cover the actual production cost at the given farm gate price. The study recommended increase in both seed rate and fertilizer quantity in order to improve onion yield. Improvement of the extension services is also recommended to improve tenant's skill and technical know how. Rehabitation of onion dehydration factory, government intervention to improve onion local and export markets is recommended as an important activities to the producers to improve their productivity and give them confidence to grow onion crop.
University of khartoum