Analysis and Experimentation of a Passive Solar Tracker

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Hisham Mohye El Din, Saber
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University of Khartoum
The ZOMEWORK’S tracker is a passive solar tracker that follows the sun .The unequal heating tracker’s conisters creates a pressure difference that drives the liquid refrigerant from one conister to pressure resulting in the unbalance that makes the tracker move .The motion is described and the mass flow rate ,pressure rate and the rate of change of the misalignment angle are derived The dynamic performance of the system is analyzed and the relative improvement of output is calculated and compared to the experimental results of Albuquerque (U .S .A ) and Khartoum (Sudan) .The instantaneous improvement due to tracking dose not change significantly with the latitude (typical annual average value is 42%) .The simple payback period ranges from 3.1 years for smallest model to 1.5 years for the largest one at Albuquerque and 1.6 to 0.76 years at Khartoum.
Analysis and Experimentation of a Passive Solar Tracker