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tail length (1)
TAM (1)
tamarind (1)
Tamarindus indica, Protective activity, Carbon tetrachloride, Rats (1)
Tannin (3)
tannin (4)
Tannin degradation (1)
Tarcomnuhus camphoratm L„ Uispidulin, Nepetin, Parthenolide, In silico pharmacokinetic. Molecular dockiifc PharmMapper server, and Auto-Dock 4.0 software (1)
Tarconanthus camphoratus L (2)
Tarconanthus camphoratus L. (1)
Tarconanthus camphoratus L., Hispidulin, Nepetin, Parthenolide, In silico pharmacokinetic, Molecular docking, PharmMapper server, and Auto-Dock 4.0 software (1)
target organ damage (1)
Targeting Voice (1)
Taste masking, Taste bud, ciprofloxacin HCl,Effervescent technique. (1)
Taste masking, wet granulation, Effervescent ciprofloxacin HCL. (1)
taxonomic markers (1)
taxonomical (1)
taxonomy (1)
TB services (1)
Tb thin films grown (1)
teacher (1)
Teacher; Dental Trauma; Teaching Experience; First Aids (1)
Teachers of English Language (1)
teachers, perception, education, reproductive, health, curricula (1)
Teaching (1)
Teaching biomimicry (1)
Teaching Hospital (1)
Teaching of arts (1)
Teaching of major communicable diseases in Sudanese medical schools: a critical look (1)
Teaching Professional Standards and their Significance for Sudanese Education (1)
Teaching Strategy (1)
Technical efficiency analysis of banks in major oil exporting Middle East countries (1)
Technique (1)
techniques flour quality (1)
Techno-economic analyses of co-processing bio oil with conventional FCC feed in petroleum refinery (1)
Technologies (1)
Technology (1)
Technology Transfer (1)
Technology Trends (1)


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