An End-to-End Secure Mail System Based on Certificateless Cryptography in the Standard Security Model

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Hassouna, Mohammed
Farah, Nashwa Abbas
Barry, Bazara I.
Bashier, Eihab
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International Journal of Computer Science Issues
Most of the existing mailing systems provide limited authentication mechanisms, including web trust model, password authentication or identity based cryptography. Few existing mailing systems found in the literature provide strong authentication based on public key infrastructure (PKI). However, PKI based-systems generally suffer from certificate management and scalability problems. This paper proposes a mailing system that is based on certificeteless cryptography. In the proposed mailing system the message payload is encrypted by a per-mail symmetric key generated from a secret value, the public and private keys of the sender and the receiver at each side. The proposed mailing system is secure against standard security model and provides many security properties.
Authentication, Certificateless cryptography, Mailing systems, Security model