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Quantum Inertial Force and its Consequences

Quantum Inertial Force and its Consequences

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dc.description.abstract Inertial quantum equation of a moving particle is derived from our uni ed quantum equation. The self-inertial quantum force on a particle of mass m moving with constant velocity ⃗v is found to be ⃗Fm = 􀀀m2c2 h ⃗v, where h and c are the Planck's constant and speed of light, respectively. This force is found to manifest the perpetual process of creation/annihilation that a moving particle undergoing. The origin of inertial quantum force is found to have a quantum aspect. When a charged (q) particle moves in a magnetic eld with constant velocity, the critical magnetic eld that makes the charge and mass move concurrently is Bcr = m2c2 q h . In gravity, the angular momentum of the particle moving with constant velocity at a distance r from another particle is given by L = Gm h c2r . A spinning particle in gravity whose radius is equal to Schwarzschild radius has a spin equal to S = h=2, and that with radius equals to the classical electron radius will have spin S = h. As in Unruh effect, where an accelerating observer sees thermal radiation with temperature T = ha 2 ckB , a particle moving with speed v is found to exhibit same effect if a = mc2 h v, where kB is the Boltzmann's constant. The radiation is found to extend only for a distance equals to the Compton wavelength. When the moving charged particle (magnetic moment) is placed in an external magnetic eld, the particle precesses with Larmor frequency. en_US
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dc.title Quantum Inertial Force and its Consequences en_US
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