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Design and Manufacture of Peanut Shelling Machine

Design and Manufacture of Peanut Shelling Machine

Show simple item record Mahmoud, Khabbab Omer Balla, Khalid Yousif Awad ElKareem, Abdalla 2015-12-15T10:42:49Z 2015-12-15T10:42:49Z 2015-08
dc.description.abstract Some engineering proprieties include the hardness and dimensions for varieties of large and small Jazeera peanut was found. The average of moisture content of 10 samples from the two varieties was found by using oven and sensitive balance for 24 hr at 105℃. For a sample of 100 pods from each of the two type weight of pod, weight of whole seeds and weight of major seed were obtained using a sensitive balance. The dimensions of seeds and pods were measured using a simple Vernier. The dimensions include the length, the width and the thickness of both the pod and seed. Also the hull thickness was measured. The force required for break the pods without damaging the seed was measured in N using a tablet hardness tester. 20 pods from each type were tested. The power required to shell the peanut was calculated (0.365Kw) and applied by using appropriate motor (2ℎ𝑝) The design and manufacturing of the peanut shelling machine was done successfully. en_US
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dc.publisher UOFK en_US
dc.subject Design en_US
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dc.subject peanut shelling en_US
dc.subject machine en_US
dc.title Design and Manufacture of Peanut Shelling Machine en_US
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