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Root and Canal Morphology of Permanent Mandibular molars in a Sudanese population

Root and Canal Morphology of Permanent Mandibular molars in a Sudanese population

Show simple item record Ibrahim, Y. E. Yahia, Nadia Ahmed Abu-bakr, N. H. Ahmed, H. A.
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dc.description.abstract Root and canal morphology of permanent mandibular molars in a Sudanese population. International Endodontic Journal, 40, 766–771, 2007. Aim To investigate variations in the root canal systems of first and second permanent mandibular molar teeth in a Sudanese population using a clearing technique. Methodology Two hundred extracted first and second permanent mandibular molars from three cities in the state of Khartoum were studied. Access cavities were prepared and pulp tissue was removed by immersion in 5% sodium hypochlorite under ultrasonication; Indian ink was then injected into the root canal systems assisted by a vacuum applied apically. The teeth were rendered clear by demineralization and immersion in methyl salicylate before evaluation. The following observations were made (i) number of roots and their morphology; (ii) number of root canals per tooth; (iii) number of root canals per root and (iv) root canal configuration. Results Overall 59% of mandibular first molars had four canals with 3% having a third distolingual root. Seventy-eight per cent of second mandibular molars had two separate flat roots, whilst 10% were C-shaped. The most common canal system configurations were type IV (73%) and type II (14%). Inter-canal communications were more common in the mesial roots. The prevalence of inter-canal communications was 65% in first molars and 49% in second molars. Conclusions In this sample of Sudanese teeth, 59% of the mandibular first permanent molars had four root canals whilst 10% of the mandibular second molars had C-shaped roots/canals. en_US
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dc.title Root and Canal Morphology of Permanent Mandibular molars in a Sudanese population en_US
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