Virtual Router

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Title: Virtual Router
Author: Adam, Al Ssadig Farah A.Alla
Abstract: Virtual router is simulation software for ordinary hardware router doing all its functionalities; it provides a good assistance to those in need of any routing information. It has three modes: user mode, enable mode, and configuration mode. These modes are used in administration of the networks connected to it. VR is capable for routing packets in different LANs, connecting IP networks, providing routing information …etc. It has three layers: Physical layer, Network Interface layer, and routing layer. A layer has two input queues; one from the top and the other one from the bottom, it also has two output queues, again from top and from bottom. A top down analysis is carried out for the virtual router project using the process flow charts and deterministic algorithm. Virtual router has many processes at the same time so a multi threading language is required. Using java language the VR is divided to many threads which may run together to achieve the required action. Networks can be added as many as needed and so PCs.
Date: 2009-07

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