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Cubesat Telemetry Decoder Software

Cubesat Telemetry Decoder Software

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dc.description.abstract Satellites are expensive to develop in both time and money. They cost millions of dollars and years of time. That made them monopolized by rich countries. Also, universities were far from this important industry. By introducing small satellites known as CubeSats, this monopolization was broken and universities and developing countries could participate in space industry. In the past space missions never used up to date technology in their spacecraft due to the long development time; the used technology becomes old when the satellite is launched, CubeSats opened a wide door for testing new technologies in space missions before the technology becomes obsolete. Any spacecraft must communicate with its ground station. It sends the data of the mission that it was made to do and data about its health. This data is usually sent encoded. The data is decoded at the ground station using decoder software. Such a decoder was built in this project. First, the encoding used must be known. Since there was not defined encoding format, an encoding was developed taking into consideration all requirements and constraints of CubeSats. Then the decoder software was built based on this encoding. The design was done using Object Oriented Design. The system was divided into six subsystems: Decoding, Alarm, storage, options Chart Diagrams and GUI Display. The software was written using Java TM. There were problems with libraries that draw charts but they were solved. The project fulfilled the objectives states for it. The software is working well and with good performance. en_US
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dc.subject Cubesat Telemetry en_US
dc.subject Decoder Software en_US
dc.title Cubesat Telemetry Decoder Software en_US
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