Assesment Of Sugar Cane Industry Waste Water In New Halfa

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Elrufaee, Ameera Sir Elkhatim Hamid
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University of Khartoum
The objective of this study was to assess the waste water pollution load and determine the waste water quality and quantity as well as to investigate the fresh water consumption and sugar losses in New Halfa sugar factory. Twelve samples were taken from several streams as follows: seven samples from streams within the factory: (one from the main factory waste water canal, four from streams within the factory discharging into the waste canal and the two rests discharge to the irrigation canal). Other five samples, were taken: one from the irrigation canal, one from the main waste water canal before the connection point, one from the waste canal 1m ahead of connection point, two from waste canal at 5 Km and 10 Km. these samples were analyzed for BOD, COD and pH, also flow rates ware measured. The results indicated that the average BOD concentration ranged from 600 to 4850 mg/l, the COD ranged from 400 to 20000 mg/l, total suspended solids TSS ranged from 535 to 18000 mg/l, Settleable solids ranged from 0.1 to 70 mg/l, these results are very high compared to the maximum allowable levels reported by Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization for pollutants disposal from sugar industries specially for BOD and COD. It is also found that the BOD load and COD ranged from 38 to 4892.5 Kg/h and 171 to 9888 Kg/h respectively. High settleable solids in the main factory canal causes more precipitation along this canal, therefore it needs to be removed periodically to avoid bad odours. The study recommends reduction of water consumption by using other cleaning means such as dry bagasse (for cleaning floors), recycling cooling water; and regular checking of glands, flangs and pumps to avoid leakages
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Sugar;Juice heating;Water;New Halfa;Sugar Production;Physical characteristics;Biochemical Oxygen Demand;Chemical Oxygen Demand;Waste Water Characteristic