Characterization Of Granular Soils As Pavement Materials

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Zumrawi, Magdi M.E
Mohamed,Awad E. M.
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University of Khartoum
The aim of this paper is to investigate the strength characteristics of different types of soil by means of various laboratory and field tests such as CBR test, tri axial compression test, DCP test and vane shear test. The strength is affected by the soil properties and testing conditions. Various soils samples have been compacted at different placement conditions (i.e. water content and dry density) then using laboratory and field equipment to enable the measurement of CBR and shear strength of these soils. Analysis of the experimental data indicated that there is a very good linear relationship between the measured soil strength (i.e. CBR and shear strength) and the soil state factor as described by the combination of initial dry density, water content and void ratio. On basis of this linear relationship, a chart of CBR and shear strength – initial state conditions was developed. This chart can be used in design, evaluation and compaction control of various soils.
Characterization Of Granular Soils As Pavement Materials