Importance of Deep Excavation Support and Its Influence on Adjacent Buildings

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Zumrawi, Magdi M.E
El-Amin, Ashraf
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University of Khartuom
This paper aims to investigate the important role of deep excavation support and its effect on nearby existing buildings, especially those founded on shallow foundations. Excavation of basement or foundations induces movements as a consequence of stress-release from earthwork and an increase in overburden pressure in the retained ground. Ground movements throughout excavation result in damage to existing structure located nearby. An intensive literature of previous experiences on supporting deep excavation and their impact on neighboring structures reviewed. This paper presents three case histories and two local current cases of excavations, which caused damages either on their own projects or on adjacent buildings. The results revealed that there are numerous sources of risk associated with performing deep excavations in urban areas, they must be considered in the design and execution of the excavation works for a minimum cost. General conclusions have been drawn from the study findings
Adjacent buildings, deep excavation, foundations, influence, risk