Prediction of In-situ CBR of Subgrade Cohesive Soils from Dynamic Cone Penetrometer and Soil Properties

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Zumrawi, Magdi M.E
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University of Khartuom
The aim of this paper is to predict the field CBR of different types of soils. Since CBR can't be easily measured in the field, prediction of CBR from other simple tests such as Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) and soil properties is a valuable alternative. Various soils have been compacted at different initial state conditions (i.e. water content and dry density) then using laboratory and field equipment to enable the measurement of unsoaked CBR and DCP of these soils. Analysis of the experimental data indicated that there is a very good linear relationship of the measured soil strength (i.e. unsoaked CBR and DCP) with the soil initial state factor as described by the combination of initial dry density, water content and void ratio. Comparison of the measured and predicted values of unsoaked CBR and DCP using the developed equation clearly indicates the validity of this equation.
Dynamic cone Penetrometer (DCP), in-situ CBR and the soil initial state factor