Stabilization of Pavement Subgrade by Using Fly Ash Activated by Cement

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Zumrawi, Magdi M.E
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University of Khartuom
The performance of pavement is very responsive to the characteristics of the soil subgrade. For that reason, weak subgrade is enhanced by adopting the most efficient stabilization technique. Based on the literature review, stabilization with fly ash activated with cement was found to be an effective option for improvement of soil properties. In this regard an experimental program was undertaken to study the effect caused by the combined action of fly ash and cement stabilization on the geotechnical characteristics of expansive subgrade soils. Expansive soil treated with varying percentages of fly ash, 0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 percent combined with 5% cement content were studied. Consistency limits, compaction, California Bearing Ratio, swell potential and swell pressure tests were conducted on treated and untreated soils. The experimental results show that addition of cement-fly ash admixture to the soil has great influence on its properties. It was found that the optimum dosage of fly ash is 15% mixed with 5% cement revealed in significant improvement in strength and durability and reduction in swelling and plasticity properties of the soil. Based on the results, it is recommended that cement-fly ash admixture be considered a viable option for the stabilization of expansive subgrades.
cement, fly ash, expansive soil, improvement, stabilization, subgrade