Leucaena Leuococephala Prunings for Reclamation of Saline Soils

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Hussein, Salaheldin Goda
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University of Khartoum
A study was made in Khartoum University Research Farm to investigate the effect of prunings of Leucaena leucocephala on saline soils, which represent a large proportion of Northern Sudan. The site selected was typical saline sodic soil (Aridisol). Four treatments were adopted in a randomised complete design viz: Plots without pruningsLadded, Plots having 25 kg prunings, Plots having 50 kg Prunings, and plots having 75 kg Prunings. The prunings consisted of leaves arid- small twigs of Leucaena leucocephala which were_incorprattd ,Q11 the surface.. Composite and soil samples were collected from each plot after three Months and analysed in the iaboratory for_ various soil parameters. Results of soil analysis showed that mulching with Leucaena leucocephala pruning s had -arrieliorated the soil significantly increasing organic matter .content, carbon, nitrogen, and available phosphorus and cation exchange capacity. On the other hand, soil reaction, electric conductivity, sodium adsorption ratio,--potassium, %calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate were, decreasetl, Leucaena kucocephala prunings .=..V=-11- - had improvexl. the Vat* of.the saline, soil. The effect was positively related to the amount of pruningi incorporated into the soil. It is; therefore, feasitile to use Leucaena leucocephala pganingx for reclamation of saline sodic soils thus arresting land degradation.
Leucaena kuocephala prunings, reclamation, saline soils