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The Effect Of Gum Arabic On The Absorption Of Amoxycillin And Ciprofloxacin

The Effect Of Gum Arabic On The Absorption Of Amoxycillin And Ciprofloxacin

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dc.description.abstract gum arabic is a water-soluble polysaccharide, resistant to human gut enzymes and melabolize:d in colon. It could be described as dietary fiber. Gum arabic is a beneficial adjunct to the low-protein diet for chronic renal failure patient because it reduces serum urea; nitrogen. Gum arabic increases water and electrolyte absorption, so that it was suggested good additive to the oral rehydration solutions, in patient sufering from diarrhea. OBJECTIVE: this study was conducted to study the effect of gum arabic on absorption of two widely used drugs in Sudan, amoxycilin and ciprofloxacin, in healthy Sldanese volunteers. METHOD: Two trials were conducted, Trial I, to study the effect of gum arbic on the absorption of amoxycilin. The volunteers were divided into four groups i, ii, iii and iv. In group i, the volunteers were given mnoxycilin(500mg) without gum arabic(as control), in group ii, the volunteers were given the drug concurrently with gum; in group iii and iv the volunteers were given the drug 2hours and 4hours after gum ingestion respectively. Blood samples were collected from each volunteer at times 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 240, al1d 360min after drug administration. Serum was separated and drug concentrations were evaluated microbiologically. The phamacokinetic parameters namely half -time of absorption (TI/2k., ), maximum concentration (C ), time to maximum concentration( t peak), area under concentration-time curve (AUC), volume of distribution (Vd) and clearance (Cl) were calculated. Trial II, to study the effect of gum on the absorption of ciprofloxacin. the volunteers were divided into two groups i and ii. In group I (control group), the volunteers were given the drug alone, for group ii, the volunteers received the drug and gum. Urine samples were collected at times 0-4, 4-8, 8-12, 12-16, 16-20, and 20-24 hours. The drug concentrations in urinary were evaluated microbiologicaly. The urinary excretion parameters (percentage of drug excreted unchanged (PDE), maximum peak of excretion rate (MPE), and time to this peak (TTP) were calculated. RESULTS: In trial I, before gum ingestion, maximum concentration and area under the concentration-time curve were 6.09±0.46 µg/ml and 1329.9±50.37 µg/ml.min respectively, volume of distribution and clearance were 31.49±1.47L and 375.1±15ml/min respectively and half -time of absorption was 54.62 ±3.87min. After gum ingestion the Cmax and AUC were decreased to 2.31±0.72 µg/ml and 269.3±33 µg /ml .min respectively, Vd and CI were increased to 122.99and a ten AM and mall at a time 17.30L and 2025.4±319ml/min respectively and TI/2ka was decreased to 32. 19±3.56min. Both rate and extent of absorption were decreased after gum ingestion by 57.58% and 79.75% respectively. Residual effect was noted, in group iii and no significance difference was noted jn group iv compared with control. In trial II, before gum arabic ingestion, the PDE was 36.96±3.53%. It was reduced after gum ingestion to 32.34±4.07, no significance difference in MPE and TTP. PDE describe the extent of absorption while MPE and TTP describe the rate. After gum ingestion concurrently with the drug, The extent of absorption was decreased by 12.5% and no significance difference in the rate. CONCLUSION: Concurrent oral administration of amoxyciline and gum arabic was reduced the rate and extent of drug absorption. The oral administration of ciprofloxacin with gum affect the extent of absorption but not the rate. The drugs should be administered after 4 hours from gum arabic ingestion. en_US
dc.publisher university of khartoum en_US
dc.subject gum arabic ;absorption amoxycillin; ciprofloxacin en_US
dc.title The Effect Of Gum Arabic On The Absorption Of Amoxycillin And Ciprofloxacin en_US
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dc.Faculty Pharmacy en_US

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