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Title: Dreamlab
Author: Ahmed, Awab Anas Osman
Abstract: Dreams occur during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleeping where in lucid dreams the sleeper is alert and can consciously control their action. The fields in which lucid dreaming can be helpful are Entertainment, consciousness studies, research, psychotherapy, addiction treatment, and many others. The way that lucid dream induction devices generally work is by detecting that the person is in REM stage by monitoring his eye movement, brain wave activity, or other methods. After detecting that the person is dreaming a signal is sent to indicate that they are dreaming -without waking them up- by either flashes of light, sound waves, or by stimulating the brain with electrical waves. The purpose of this project is to develop a comfortable device that the person wears around his head while sleeping to stimulate lucid dreams i.e. a device that detects that the person is dreaming and induces awareness so that they know that they are dreaming, and thus become able to control the dream content to a large extent. Such a device needs to be accompanied by a web application to remotely access, graphically view, and analyze sleep data recordings.
URI: http://khartoumspace.uofk.edu/123456789/25759
Date: 2017-10

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