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القيم الأدبية و الشعرية في حماسة ابن الشجري

القيم الأدبية و الشعرية في حماسة ابن الشجري

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dc.description 133 Pages en_US
dc.description.abstract This research studying a subject of the poetical choice thesises which known as the enthusiasm, so the resear ch addressed as " the literal and poetical values in the sh jarian enthusiasm '' . The research divided in to the introduction and three chapters each one contained a many subject which contai ned also many pursuits. The first chapter talk about the author life and ag e under the address "I bn El-shajari- his time and character " with two subjects "author age" which its pursuits discussed the political social and inte llectual life , and the second pursuit "definition Ibn Al- shajari" about his birth , grow, teachers , students and his scientific heritages. Second chapter’s title is "Rise and development of the enthusiasm" consisted of three subjects , the first " lights on the enthusiasm poetry" which its pursuits discussed the meaning of enth usiasm, its origin and effect on the literate. The second is "enthusiasm poet ry before and afte r El-shajari" which its pursuits discussed sources, methods and arrangements of the enthusiasm. Third chapter came under the title " the poetical value of the Shajarian enthusiasm" which subdivided into two s ubjects, the first one "Ibn Al-shajari’s enthusiasm poets" its purs uits discussed enthusiasm poets. While the second subject is "Ibn Al-shajari’s method in poe try telling ". , its pursuits discussed Ibn El- shajari’s method in relating the poetry and savoir fair in choosing. The research concluded with conclusi on joined important results fixed in its closures. en_US
dc.publisher University of Khartoum en_US
dc.subject القيم الأدبية و الشعرية; حماسة ابن الشجري en_US
dc.title القيم الأدبية و الشعرية في حماسة ابن الشجري en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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