Beliefs and Attitudes towards Social Networks Advertising: a Cross Cultural Study of Saudi and Sudanese Females

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Mansour, Ilham Hassan F.
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University of Khartoum
The study aims to investigate the possible differences in beliefs and attitudes towards social networks advertising that may exist between females in Saudi Arabia and Sudan and to specify the factors that influence their attitude towards social networks advertising. Datasets of two samples from Saudi Arabia (169) and Sudan (195) were collected using a survey of female students from both countries. A t – test methodology was then applied on the processed data together with correlation and regression analysis in order to answer the posited research questions. The results revealed no significant differences in attitude towards social media advertising between the two samples, although significant differences in beliefs about social networks advertising were documented. In addition, the results indicate that five of the individual different factors are statistically significant: these are prior Web experience, entertainment, credibility, and social norms for Saudi sample and informativeness, entertainment, credibility and irritation for Sudanese sample. This study provides insights for international marketers in terms of attitudes and beliefs towards social networks advertising. The results may offer some valuable information that may aspire to improve marketing- related activities aimed at social media users.
Social networks; Advertising; Attitude; Cross culture; Saudi Arabia; Sudan