Religion and Controversial Advertisements: Sudanese Perspectives

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Mansour, Ilham Hassan F.
Eljelly, Abuzar M. A.
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University of Khartoum
This study aims to explore the consumers' attitude towards promotion of controversial products, the reasons why they are controversial and how it is affected by the degree of religious commitment in Sudan. This study presents the results of an online survey of 134 Sudanese respondents to determine the type of products seen as controversial when advertised on TV and why are considered controversial.Research results revealed that in general Sudanese hold negative perception towards controversial product and their advertisements. The findings showed that the religious beliefs can potentially impact the perception of offensive advertising among Sudanese. However, Muslims of different levels of religious commitment show different degrees of offensiveness to controversial products advertising.These findings may have important implications for international marketers in countries with religious orientations such as Sudan, or other Muslim countries.
Attitude; Controversial advertising; Religion; Islam; Sudan