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المتاهة و المخلص قراءة في حصاد معركة المرايا

المتاهة و المخلص قراءة في حصاد معركة المرايا

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dc.description.abstract Labyrinth and Savior: Readings in the harvest of the battle of "mirrors" Battle of mirrors is one of the biggest critical battles in the last twenty years. It has started when ‘Abd Al-Aziz Hammudah issued his book: “The convex mirrors” in 1998, whereas he criticized the Structuralism and Deconstructionism declaring their falling of introducing a critical alternative of the other schools. Then, he published “The concave mirrors” in 2001, whereas he attacked the Arab modernists who translated the western theories wrongly and minimized the image of the Arab heritage intentionally. Then, he published his third book: “The exit of maze” in 2003 in which he tried to define the features of the alternative critical theory. These three books have been considered as the most important Arab critical works in the last two decades, which enabled the author to obtain the State Award for the Arts and Literature in 2002. Actually, the battle caught the attention of the majority of Arab thinkers to participate in this critical war.The researcher attempts to summarize its fruitful harvest and its dimensions: Timing, whence the United States of America tried to impose its cultural model on the world; Seriousness of its issue whereas is not that it is a personal debate between ‘Abd Al-Aziz Hammudah and Jabir Asfour, but the originality vs Westernization; Privacy of the critic who is one of few who combined the experience of Arab heritage with Western theories; The creative titles, as the author chose the rhetorical titles for his series summarizing the contents perfectly; The huge echoes that covered the Arab world from Ocean to Gulf; and finally the magnificent results, especially regarding the suggestion to reread the Arab heritage and western theories as well. en_US
dc.publisher University of Khartoum en_US
dc.subject عبدالعزيز حمودة; المرايا المحدبة; المرايا المقعرة ; الخروج من التية en_US
dc.title المتاهة و المخلص قراءة في حصاد معركة المرايا en_US
dc.type Publication en_US

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