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  • El haj, N. A. M. (University of Khartoum, 2010)
    Leaf galls were observed in Salvadora persica trees growing in the Khartoum Botanical Garden. The galls were initiated by salivary secretions of a Heteroptera bug which bred and lived in the gall. Histological studies ...
  • Elsamani, Mohamed Ahmed; Elwadie, Mohamed Elfadil (University of Khartoum, 2015-08)
    Gasoline emissions in service station is one of the biggest issues that people are not taking it under consideration especially in Sudan , because the rate of the gasoline emissions are very high backs to the high temperature ...
  • Abdallteef, Mohammed (uofk, 2013)
    Gavity and the Shape of the Earth
  • Hisham, Alla (university of khartoum, 2013-07)
    The Generalized Newtons Law of Gravitation Versus the General Theory of Relativity
  • Moses, Michael Chuchu (UOFK, 2005)
    Basically it is recognized that the performance limitation of a machine is determined by properties of the materials of which it is composed .A group of interrelated problems common to all machines is created by the ...
  • Hassan, Khalid (uofk, 2014-01-15)
    Geological and Geophysical Study in Dongola & Ummdorman Area
  • El-Obaid, Mohammed Babiker Mohammed (University of Khartoum, 2011)
    This project is focused in studying and improving of the control system cited in one of the major steel producing facilities in the country - Giad Steel Factory – through detailed analysis of the process and the ...
  • Salman, Samah (uofk, 2013-07)
    In this work, graphene layers have been dispersed from pencil graphite using direct mixing method in Acetone and DI water
  • abdorahman, Mahran; mohammed, Algasim; Alameen, Abu alhassan (2012-08)
  • Abdel Rahman, Salaheldin Abdelmoniem (University of Khartoum, 2017)
    The energy is the most important element in the economic development the increasing the growth population, thus increasing demand of energy, renewable energy sources should take a place especially solar are rapidly gaining ...
  • Osman, Sohaib Mohammed Ahmad (university of khartoum, 2017)
    There are many types of photovoltaic systems one of them is the grid connected PV system as continuous supply without battery. Such system is fully functional when the grid is on. However, when the grid is off, the PV ...
  • ABD ALRAHMAN, ABUBAKER (2014-04-21)
    Power system networks that have a distorted voltage and current waveforms are said contain harmonics. This distortion may cause a failure in customer equipments. In the modern era, the distortion can no longer be ignored ...
  • MAHJOUB, MAZIN (2014-04-23)
    Ideally, an electricity supply should invariably show a perfectly sinusoidal voltage signal at every customer location. However, for a number of reasons, utilities often find it hard to preserve such desirable conditions. ...
  • Abdallah, Hanaa (uofk, 2013-07)
    Hetrocyclic Compounds preparation of phenyl in dole
  • Abd Alazeem, Mona (University of Khartoum, 2008)
    Breast cancer is one of the hormone sensitive or hormone receptor positive cancer, about 80% of breast cancer once established ,rely on supplies of hormone estrogen to grow and suppression of the production of the estrogen ...
  • Mohammed, Samah Sayed Talib Osman (University of Khartoum, 2009)
    Development and implementation of Hospital Information Systems (HIS) is described in this paper. It provides insight into the most important issues relating to the design and development of HIS (e.g. software engineering ...
  • TAJ ELSSIR, ZAHRAA (2014-04-28)
    Remote control is having a great impact in making life easier; it is a device has an ability to control apparatus from a distance by means of signals. In this project we presented design of a simple universal remote control ...
  • Huis Clos 
    Mubark, Safia (uofk, 2011)
    Huis Clos
  • ELSHAFEE, WALAA (2014-04-28)
    The hybrid system is a very useful system in the electrical power generation for the isolated small networks and for the grid tied systems, it combines two or more power sources to work concurrently or when just one is ...
  • FAISAL, HIBA (2014-04-23)
    As renewable energy becomes more prevalent, more information on how different technologies will behave needs to be available. This thesis is based upon the combined use of solar and wind energy, in the hope to discover and ...


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