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وقفات مع بعض المستشرقين في دراستهم للسيرة النبوية

وقفات مع بعض المستشرقين في دراستهم للسيرة النبوية

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dc.identifier.issn 1585-5884
dc.description.abstract Many factors played a significant role in shaping the attitudes of orientalists towards the Prophet of Islam. The most important point in the orientalist studies about the Prophet of Islam is that Muhammad was a founder of a religion that composed of Judaism, Christianity, and even pagan religions of the ancient world. Many of the orientalists who deal with the studies of Islam and the Prophet consider Mohammad (PBUH) as a reformer and not as a messenger from God to humankind. Many other orientalists regard him as a minor prophet for the Arabs only. The paper tries to shed light on the unique opinion of George Bush about Mohammad, for he considers Mohammad as a true prophet and messenger from God to humankind but God sent him as a punishment for the deviated Christian Church. It is of significance to state that the studies of Islam in the west have been based mostly on various prejudices and calumnies. The main aim of this paper is to shed light on such an important issue. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Khartoum University Press en_US
dc.publisher Faculty of Arts Department of Islamic Studies en_US
dc.title وقفات مع بعض المستشرقين في دراستهم للسيرة النبوية en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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