Ways for post-conflict management of forest resources in Sudan: The case of Darfur

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ElSiddig, Elnour
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University of Khartoum
The paper presents the changes of forest cover in Sudan over time, taking cases from Darfur based on successive inventories, land satellite images and cited literature. Causes of deforestation are taken to include unplanned mechanized farming in central Sudan and unsustainable traditional farming in Darfur in addition to selective logging, fire and climate changes. Impacts and crisis are reflected in scarcity of forest products, destruction of range lands and consequent conflicts between categories of resource users. Conflicts in central Sudan and Darfur are between nomads and farmers categories because agricultural expansion caused losses of nomadic routes and pasture lands which were, for sometime, well stocked with forests, protected by local orders and customary systems and described by users. Although conflicts in Darfur were originally based on forests and range resources and land take problems, they changed towards more serious confrontations that affected people life.
This paper had been presented for promotion at the university of Khartoum. To get the full text please contact the other at Elnour_elsiddig@yahoo.com
forest resources,Sudan,Darfur