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Effect of Bacteria Causing Mastitis on Milk Constituents

Effect of Bacteria Causing Mastitis on Milk Constituents

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dc.description This paper had been presented for promotion at the university of Khartoum. To get the full text please contact the other at en_US
dc.description.abstract A total of 1 74 isolates were identified during the present study. Among these 41 (23.56%) were Staphylococcus aureus, 25 (14.34%) were S. epidern►idis (alhus), 15 (8.62%) were Klelniella aerogene•, 11 (6.3%) were Escherichia colt, 17 (9.77%) were Actinorny•e• pyogenes, 12 (6.89%) were Bacillus cereits, 8 (4.59%) were B. sit/Yak, 4 (2.29%) were Bacillus .spp., 13 (7.47%) were Acinetohacter antratue, 22 (12.64%) were micrococci and 6 (3.4%) were yeast. When comparing the composition of mastitic cow's milk with that from normal cows, highly significant differences were obtained. The types of bacteria isolated had significant effects on lactose and acidity. The interaction of types of bacteria isolated and the-intensity of infection has a significant effect on chloride and lactose, while the interaction with season affect casein, chloride, whey proteins, acidity and fat %. en_US
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dc.subject Effect,Bacteria,Causing,Mastitis,Milk,Constituents en_US
dc.title Effect of Bacteria Causing Mastitis on Milk Constituents en_US
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