Abortion Care

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Title: Abortion Care;
Do we have a protocol for managing abortion cases
Author: Mohammed,Yasir Salih
Abstract: Background: Worldwide, about 37% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous or induced abortions. Approximately 20 million unsafe abortions, leading to about 70,000 deaths, occur annually. Presence of effective post- abortion care is vital in reducing maternal mortality and morbidity due to abortion complications. Objectives: The objectives of the study were to asses the quality of post abortion care provided in Khartoum State hospitals and to determine client characteristics that may affect presentation and service provision. Patients and methods: A descriptive observational study conducted in Khartoum State during the period from January to March in the year 2003. The study included three hospitals with busy obstetrics and gynaecology departments. Three hundred and seventy eight women presenting and diagnosed as abortion patients were included consequently as they present . Data was collected using a questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS. Results: Out of the 378 women included, 64.55% of were incomplete abortion patients, 69.58% were between the age of 20 – 35 years, 85.98% were housewives, 45.50% attended basic schools, 28.31% attended secondary schools, 44.97% have one to four children, 22.22% having five to eight children and 65.87% of them having unskilled free laborers husbands. - 6 - Management of abortion cases adopted surgical metal curettage ( 65.87%) with a mean hospital stay of about 8.98±1.95 hours. Only 8.73% were counseled on family planning although 88.09% were not planning to conceive immediately. 88.09% were not told to come back for follow up. Client satisfaction regarding the service was high. Only 3.7% were not satisfied. Conclusion: No clear protocol for managing abortion cases was found and management lacks provision of family planning services and post abortion counseling, despite the demonstrated need.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/7599
Date: 2015-03-29

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