Response of Rabbits to Dietary Gum Arabic

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Ahmed, Samia Ibrahim Tageldin
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This study was carried out to assess the effects of dietary gum Arabic on rabbit performance and some serum constituents. In the first experiment 10 white New Zealand x California rabbits were used, and divided randomly to two groups, two types of ration were formulated, a sorghum based control and test ration diluted with 5% gum Arabic. Weight gain was significantly increased in the first and the fourth weeks of the experiment for rabbits that were fed 5% gum Arabic. Serum constituents showed no significant changes, however, there was numerical increase on serum cholesterol and glucose levels for the 5% gum Arabic rabbits. In the second experiment, 24 Baladi rabbits were used in two groups. Control and test rations were the same as in experiment one. Weight gain was significantly depressed for rabbits that consumed gum Arabic in the first week of the experiment but effect on weight gain was recovered thereafter. Feed intake was significantly increased for rabbits fed on gum Arabic in the third week of the experiment. Serum cholesterol and protein levels were significantly increased for rabbits fed on diet containing gum Arabic. In the third experiment, in groups, the control was sorghum based; the test ration was diluted with 7% gum Arabic. Weight gain was significantly depressed in the first week of the experiment, as was experienced in experiment 2, otherwise weight gain was not during the test period. Serum cholesterol and Glucose levels were numerically increased in rabbits that were fed on gum Arabic diet. The foreign breed showed significant results in growth performance, but, had no significant influence on serum constituent.
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Gum Arabic;Rabbit breeds;Sudan;Animal Nutrition;enzymes;cholesterol level;protein;California