Effect of Boscia Senegalensis leaves Water Extract on blood contents of rats

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Ata, Assmaa
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The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of Boscia senegalensisleaves water extract on blood contents (RBCs ,WBCs ,Hb, MCV,MCH,MCHC, and platelets count) and on serum ALT,AST, ALP, , Urea, Creatinine, amino acids composition , sodium and potassium on Wister albino rats. The water extract ofdry powder of B.senegalensisleaves was prepared using 250 g from the plant with 1500 ml and dried by Freez drier apparatus Trivac, USA . Twenty four healthy male Wister albino rats were used in this experiment. They were divided into three groups eight rats in each on the basis of body weight ,the average weight of rats in each group was 75g.Group A kept as Control ,group B treated by Boscia senegalensisleaves water extract (200g/100g Bwt),Group C treated by Boscia senegalensis leaves water extracts (400g/100g Bwt ) . Blood samples were collected after one, two and three weeks respectivly and used to estimate some biochemical parameters in plasma. This study showed a significant effect on Hb and RBCs .Therewas an increase on Hb and decreased RBCs for two group (B and C) compared with control. Also this study showed no significantly changes on serum level of ALT, AST ,ALP, Creatinine, Urea and serum electrolytes. From all previous findings the result is Boscia senegalensis leaves water extract on dose 400mg/kg has toxic effect onWister albino rats.
Boscia Senegalensis leaves, Water, Extract ,blood,contents,rats