An Interactive Computerized Botanical Key for Identification of Tree and Shrub Species of Abu Gieli Forest, Sennar State, Sudan

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Elkhalifa, Kamal
Musa, Nasreldin
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This study is devoted to the trees and shrubs of Abu Gieli forest that located on East bank of Blue Nile, Sennar State, Sudan, to which ten field trips were carried out for sample collection and photography. Using herbaria manuals and internet facilities, fifty nine tree and shrub species were investigated and identified. For speedy and reliable identification, two keys were developed; the first is for all species described when they are leafy, flowery or fruity; while the other is for trees when deciduous, this is based entirely on characters which can be seen the whole year round i.e. those of buds, leaf- scars, twigs and bark. The process of recognizing plants passes through the families, genera and then the species in a form of a key that constructed and developed in a way liable to computerization. First, all tree species, classified to families, and arranged in an overall structure, then a flowchart has been constructed. The flowchart shows the overall program and the choice the user makes to go through the program. Flowchart is used to create the program using one of the object oriented programming visual basic language. The keys were computerized by using Microsoft Visual Basic version 6 program. The interactive nature of the key enables the user to interact with the program by responding to prompt order depending on the choice he or she takes. The program will guide the user according to his or her choice step by step until the right species is given. The present program makes provision for (26) families, (46) genera and (59) species, in addition to these groups which can be made according to the choice. In addition, Illustrations are given, the photograph folder can be resident in C drive and the program can be put in the desktop.
Interactive; computerized; key, tree; Abu Gieli Forest; Sudan