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Battling schistosomiasis in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme, Sudan

Battling schistosomiasis in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme, Sudan

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dc.description.abstract This paper analyses changing patterns of infection with S. mansoni and S. haematobium in Gezira Irrigation Scheme, Sudan. Taking a historical perspective, it shows the way in which ecological, biological, social, economic and political issues have shaped patterns of infection, and how different kinds of strategies have been developed to control schistosomal infection over time. The article provides data using the content analysis method reviewing researches and reports of studies done on schistosomiasis to reveal strategies implemented to impose the control of the spreading of the disease in the area These strategies have been shaped by wider political and economic issues occurring at both national and international levels; and the article shows that this has had a considerable impact on both the prevalence and intensity of schistosomal infection at a local level. By highlighting the inter-play between biological, ecological, social, political and economic issues at local, national and international levels, the article goes on to reflect on the wisdom of prioritizing mass drug administration for the control of schistosomiasis (at the expense of a more holistic, biosocial approach) in Gezira and elsewhere en_US
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dc.subject Battling, schistosomiasis, Gezira ,Irrigation,Scheme, Sudan en_US
dc.title Battling schistosomiasis in the Gezira Irrigation Scheme, Sudan en_US
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