Study on Staphylococcal contamination and Chemical Composition of Sudanese White Cheese and Whey in Khartoum State

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Ali, Suhair
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A total of 50 white cheese samples and 50 whey samples were collected from different shops in Khartoum state .The samples were tested bacteriologically for the presence of staphylococcal species and for chemical composition of white cheese and whey. From fifty white cheese samples there were 28 staphylococcal isolates (56%).These included three groups the first was the coagulase positive staphylococci species from cheese samples which was identified as S.delphini.(2%). The second group was coagulase negative novobiocin sensitive staphylococci from white cheese samples were identified as: S.caseolyticus(26%) s.chromogens (6%) , S.hyciuis (2%) ,S.lugdunensis (4%) , S.saccharolyticus (2%) and S.haemolyticus (4%) . The third group was the coagulase negative novobioicin resistance and were S..kloosii (4%) ,S.lentus(2%) ,S.sciuri(2%) and S.cohni(2%) . From fifty whey samples there were 24 staphylococcal isolates (48%).These included two groups .The first group was coagulase negative novopiocin resistance species isolated from whey samples: were S.arlettae(2%) and S.sciurii(2%). The second group was coagulase negative novobiocin sensitive species isolated from whey samples, were S.caseolyticus (4%) ,S.carnosus (12%), S.warnerii (2%), S.epidermids (4%) , S.lugdunensis (8%) and S.haemlyticus (12%). Chemical Analysis of White Cheese:- The total solid ranged from 38.3% -45.6% mean of 42% , total protein varied from 14.3% -26.2% with mean value of 20.3%, fat content ranged from 7% -18% with a mean of 12.5% and Ash content ranged from 0.13% -1.3% with a mean of 0.7%. Physical Character of White Cheese:- Acidity ranged from 0.2% - 0.4% with a mean 0.3% and pH value varied from 3.2 -3.8 with mean of 3.5. Chemical analysis of whey:- Protein content varied from 5.9% -14.2% with mean of 10.5%, total solids ranged from 22.7%-33% with a mean of 28.1%, fat content ranged from 0.3% -1% with a mean of 0.7%.Ash content of whey ranged from 0.2% - 0.7% with a mean of 0.5% . Physical Characters of Whey:- Acidity of whey ranged from 0.4% -0.8% with a mean of 0.6% and pH varied from 3.5 - 4.2 with a mean of 3.6.
Staphylococcal contamination,Chemical Composition,White Cheese,Khartoum State