Groundwater Management By using Visual MODFLOW Model (Case Study in Wadi Nyala Aquifer)

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Ahmed, Hussein Ibrahim
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The aim of this research is to investigate the potential of Wadi Nyala as a water source for the supply of Nyala city and adjacent villages. Data needed for the study are meteorological and hydrological such as that of rainfall, evaporation, Wadi runoff, groundwater levels, topographic maps and groundwater hydrogeological information. Pumping test data was analysed to determine the Wadi Nyala aquifer hydrogeologic characteristics. A groundwater model based on VISUAL MOD Flow has been developed for Wadi Nyala. The model has been calibrated and various future management scenarios were tested. It was found that the Wadi Nyala has a considerable potential groundwater resource. The research ended by summary, conclusion & recommendations; some of the important recommendations are that the current pumping rate may increase in the future up to 50%, with no major decrease in the groundwater levels and no negative effects on the aquifer. The increase may result from the current exist wells or the newly added ones.
Groundwater,Management,Visual MODFLOW Model