Overweight and Obesity among Females in Reproductive Age in Sinnar Altagata Locality-Sinnar State

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Safa Mohammed Badwi Mohammed
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University of Khartoum
Background: Overweight and obesity as abnormal or excessive fats accumulation that may impair health and leads to health risks and health consequences. The objective of this study: is to investigate Factors which Affecting of Overweight and Obesity among females in reproductive age in Sinnar Altagata Locality-Sinnar State -2017. Methodology: This study is a descriptive cross-sectional community-based study, from January to December` 2017, in Sinnar Altagata Locality-Sinnar State. The Systematic random sample for the group under study (140 Females from 15-49 year) was conducted. Data were collected using questionnaire Socio-demographic characteristics of the study population; which describes participants information e.g. (ages, height, weight, marital status, income per month, Occupational,), Genetics factors and infection of obesity (history of the problem), Biological factors and Health impacts of obesity (diseases related to the research problems), Behavioral and Nutrition factors. And measurements of Body Mass Index by measuring height and weight. Data were processed and analyzed using statistical packages for Social Science Program (SPSS). Ethical approval was obtained. Results: The prevalence of overweight and obesity was 72%, in classification (overweight, obese, obese class 1, obese class 2, and obese class 3) this result was high According to WHO (≥40.0: Very severe) Body Mass Index classification system. Age distribution of overweight and obesity (50.7%) represented between ages from 36 to 45 year. Education level was (54.3%) of the females which had University education. (50.7%) of the females were married. The study Indicate that number of 56 Women have health Problems as Arthritis 40%, 11 women have Breathing Problems 7.9%, and 31women have Hypertension 22.1%, Eight Women have Diabetics type (2) 5.7%. 72 Women sometimes felling stress 51.4%, Sixty-six of Women were don’t see yourself an Obese Women 47.1%. 83Women 59.3% Have good appetite, 71 Women were not used exercise regularly 50.7%, and number of 77 women take three meals during day 55%, and 31 women have four meals during the day 22.1%. Conclusion: The study concluded that the prevalence of Overweight and obesity was high. Overweight and obesity was associated with socio –economic factors and with factors related to food habits, personal behavior and nutrition. The major risk factors for a number of chronic lifestyle disease, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. So, based on the study findings the study recommended that early diagnosis and treatment of overweight and obesity, promote physical exercise plan for females. Health education for females in reproductive age. الخلفية: تعتبر السمنه او البدانه كشئ غير طبيعي لتراكم الدهون بالجسم مما يؤدي الي اعاقه الصحه ويقود الي الاخطار المرتبطه بالصحه والهدف من هذه الدراسه هو دراسه العوامل التي تؤثر علي البدانه وسط النساء في سن الانجاب بمنطقه سنار التقاطع – ولايه سنار 2017 . المنهجيه :الدراسه وصفيه مجتمعيه تم اجراؤها بمحليه سنار-منطقه سنار التقاطع ,في الفتره من يناير حتي ديسمبر,2017 وتم اختيار العينات لعدد 140 امراءه, هذه المعلومات جمعت عن طريق : الاسئله بالاستبيان وقياس كتله الجسم الكليه (قياس نسبه الوزن/الطول),وتم تحليل هذه البيانات بواسطه برنامج SPSS ,وباستخدام الجداول والرسومات البيانيه في التحليل والمقارنات. النتائج :اظهرت نتائج الدراسه ان نسبه انتشار البدانه وسط النساء تمثل 72% علي مستوي السمنه والبدانه 1 ,البدانه 2 والبدانه 3.كما ان حوالي 50.7% من النساء قي العمر من 36-45 سنه يعانون من البدانه ,وان 54.3% لديهن شهادات جامعيه وان حوالي 50.7%متزوجات , كما اوضحت الدراسه ايضا العلاقه بين البدانه والمشكلات الصحيه وسط النساء حيث اوضحت الدراسه ان عدد 56 امراءه اي مايعادل 40% لديهن التهاب المفاصل وان عدد 11 امراءة اي مايعادل 7.9% لديهن مشاكل تنفسيه ,وان عدد 8 امراءة اي ما يعادل 5.7% لديهن امراض السكري المرتبط بالبدانه ,وان حوالي 72 امراءه لديهن ضغط نفسي بنسبه 51.4%, اوضحت الدراسه ايضا ان حوالي عدد 71 امراءه بنسبه 50.7% لايمارسون الرياضه وان حوالي 31 امراءة بنسبه 22.1% يتناولن اكثر من 3 وجبات خلال اليوم. الخلاصه :اظهرت نتائج الدراسه ان نسبه انتشار البدانه وسط النساء مرتفعه,واوضحت الدراسه ايضا العلاقه بين البدانه والعوامل السلوكيه والتغذويه ,وان انواع قياسات التحليل لكتله الجسم الكليه اوضحت المحددات والعوامل التي تقود لانتشار البدانه وسط مجتمع وكتوصيه بضرورة التشخيص والعلاج المبكره للسمنه والبدانه وتحفيز ممارسه التمارين الرياضيه والتثقيف الصحي وسط النساء في سن الانجاب .
A dissertation submitted to the University of Khartoum in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master in Public and Environmental Health (Public Health)
Overweight Obesity Females in Reproductive Age Sinnar Altagata Locality Sinnar State Sudan Epidemiology Public and Environmental Health University of Khartoum
Safa Mohammed Badwi Mohammed, Overweight and Obesity among Females in Reproductive Age in Sinnar Altagata Locality-Sinnar State. – Khartoum : University of Khartoum, 2021. - 69 P. : illus., 28 cm., M.Sc.