Effects of Tillage and Crop Treatments on Pasture Productivity and Carrying Capacity in a desertified Semi-arid Rangeland of the Sudan

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Abusuwar, Awad
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University of Khartoum
*Animal wealth in the Sudan about 165 million heads *Required feed 213.2 million tons of dry matter annually *Available feed from all resources 104.8 million tons of dry matter (i.e. annual deficit of 108.4 m. tons of dry matter) * The contribution of rangeland in forages is more than 75% * 17 States in Northern Sudan are affected by desertification thereby reducing productivity of rangelands *Reseeding trials to improve rangelands in the Butana, Kordofan and Darfur with little success because of: 1-Lack of information about the adaptability of reseeded spp. 2-Lack of water conservation measures 3-Failure to protect newly reseeded areas
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Crop Treatments,Pasture Productivity,Carrying Capacity,arid Rangeland,Sudan