Investigation of Hydraulic Operation System for Sennar Dam Sluice Gates

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Elsadig Ahmed Adam
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A design of a hydraulic-based gate-lifting system for the gates of Sennar dam is presented, to supersede the existing aging mechanical system. The system summarized in three groups; the power pack unit which including electric motors, hydraulic pumps, oil reservoirs, and control valves, the control group including directional and pressure control valves and the actuation group including hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors. A brief history of Sennar dam was given, describing the present operating methods; the dam gates and the spillway gates operated by diesel cranes and the two canal gates Gezira and Managil operated manually. Photos attached showing dam profile and its operation methods. Because of problems arising from gates operation like increase of operation cost and the many faults for the existing old system, an idea emerged to have a modern new operating system to stop or reduce the operating problems. The best choice was a hydraulic system. A design was carried out for raising and lowering the dam main sluice gates, including hydraulic cylinders for the main dam sluice gates and spillway gates, hydraulic motors for the Gezira and Managil gates and hydraulic pumps with all attachments like hoses, pipes, oil reservoirs, and valves etc... A study of hydraulic system control techniques is included. This study showed the high technique of the suggested system with respect to operation, accuracy, quality, speed and running cost. A cost analysis and comparison between both systems, namely, the hydraulic system and the mechanical/manual system were carried out. That showed the importance of use this suggested system for Sennar dam gates operation.
Investigation Hydraulic Operation university khartoum System
Mohammed Hashim Siddig, Elsadig Ahmed Adam / Investigation of Hydraulic Operation System for Sennar Dam Sluice Gates._khartoum : university khartoum, 2008._128pp._ 28cm, M.Sc